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As the PASPA act has been abolished and Americans are starting to bet across the country, we wanted to be among the first to help people find the best online sportsbooks in Maryland.

Our mission

This website aspires to become your go-to place for information and reviews regarding online betting on sports in Maryland. Our goal is to bring the best online sportsbooks closer to you.

But we don’t want to just bring online sportsbooks and other forms of gambling to you, we want it done in a transparent way.

Better Collective, the owner of this website, takes transparency seriously. Their goal is to empower iGamers through open and valuable information.

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Affiliate Marketing

As we like being transparent about every aspect of our business, we openly talk about how we manage to keep this site live. Our revenue source is through affiliate marketing. The majority of our reviews contain links that lead to brands. For taking part in the process, we receive a fee from different brands.

Why is this important?

Well, we want to clarify our monetization model. Additionally, we want you to know that this type of monetization does not impact our view and opinion of the online brands. It is important for us to deliver objective information to our readers and followers.


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