Maryland Online Horse Betting

With legal online sports betting on the way in Maryland, people can already take part in online horse betting in Maryland. Horse racing is very popular in the state, with one of the biggest races every year taking place in the region, the Preakness Stakes. 

This guide looks at all of the key aspects of Maryland online horse betting.

Maryland Horse Betting

If you are eager to start with online horse betting in Maryland, then you have come to the right place. There are a few different options for you to choose from. While there are racebooks in place at the racetracks in the state and at a number of off-track sites, online betting is the easiest method for most people. 

As well as the races that are taking place in Maryland, there are also betting markets available for races taking place at hundreds of race tracks all across the world. Therefore, you have tons of great choices. Also, you are not confined to the races taking place in the state. Here are some of the best legal places for Maryland online horse betting today:

Big Races in Maryland

Besides many other races, there are plenty of major horse races that occur in Maryland every year. The biggest of these races is the Preakness Stakes. It usually takes place in May at the Pimlico Race Course, having started in 1873. 

Preakness Stakes photo

It is one of the biggest races in North America every season, being the second race that makes up the Triple Crown of Racing. The first race in this series is usually the Kentucky Derby, with the final leg being the Belmont Stakes. 

Some of the other races to watch out for include the Black Eyed Susan Stakes and the Pimlico Special. 

Naturally, you can place bets on races taking place on the most significant race tracks across North America. The same applies to other tracks in Europe, Asia, and Australia. There is certainly something for every type of racing fan when it comes to the betting markets available in Maryland.

Maryland Racebooks

For fans of Maryland online horse betting, there are a couple of options that the Maryland Racing Commission has licensed. These options provide betting markets to races both in-state and elsewhere. 

Naturally, there will be a heavy emphasis on races that are taking place in the state. There are currently four different tracks for thoroughbred horses in Maryland. There are also a couple of tracks for harness racing. Each of the tracks has its own simulcast betting services that are ideal for people on-track. However, online betting still rules the roost in this regard.

While there is not a ton of choice between different racebooks, the two available options are both of very high quality. They cater to racing fans all across the country, making sure that they get access to the best market at competitive prices. 

A lot of the events are available on a live stream, meaning that you can pay attention in real-time as to how your bets are doing as well as playing live racing bets. 

Both racebooks will also have regular offers for new signups and existing bettors alike. These are a great way of improving your bottom line over time. Finally, both of the platforms are very easy to use on both mobile and desktop.

With daily fantasy sports and sports betting on the way in the near future, Maryland is set to become a great destination for online gambling in different forms. 

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